Want to make your business stand out online? Then you need a professional marketing consultant who will get your message to the right people in the right way. FoundUB4 offers a dedicated service that can be adapted to your specific business needs. With over 14 years experience, we can really help you make an impression.

Increase your customer appeal

Marketing small businesses online is no longer about using a one-size-fits-all message and hoping it draws customers in. FoundUB4 offers a service that’s tailored for you. It focuses on engagement and making individual customers feel valued. FoundUB4 can help you choose the right strategies for your business, offering packages at competitive prices with no hidden fees. Call us today on 07590 329204 to start the conversation.

Become a social media success story

FoundUB4’s approach is focused on simple but effective techniques that make it easy for you to reach out to your customers. Whether you want to target new markets or strengthen your relationships with existing customers, our expert social media management is something you can’t afford to do without. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are now essential platforms for customer engagement.


Our Facebook marketing can give your business personality and attract loyal followers, directly contributing to building your brand as well as helping channel customers to your website. We can help you make successful use of YouTube for online video, the marketing tool of the moment. Properly set up for SEO, this can provide a real boost for your website. With our design input, your videos can reach thousands of new people per day.
We can make it happen
Are you finding it exhausting to run a business and maintain a social media presence at the same time? Are you struggling to dedicate enough time to either? Using FoundUB4 as your social media consultant makes life much easier, and means you should really start to see your popularity grow. With over 14 years experience, we can apply expert skills that will build up your presence where it really matters. Good search engine rankings are still important but our dedicated service can provide you with something even better – good word of mouth.
See the difference

Perhaps the most exciting thing about social media marketing is that once it’s up and running properly it just keeps growing. Once we’re looking after your online social engagement you can sit back and relax. We offer pricing arrangements that are easy to understand, with no hidden fees. This means you can always see exactly what you’re spending and balance that against the extra income you’re generating as a result. It’s easy to keep track of how you’re profiting from our expert service.

Social media marketing may seem complicated but FoundUB4 puts you in control. We’ve built our reputation on helping other people’s small businesses succeed. With over 16 years experience, we have a lot of satisfied customers. Call us today for a quote – 07590 329204 – and find out how we could make your business a success.