Successful at social media? FoundUB4 gets affordable results!

Are you on social media? Not getting the results you need? If there’s no engagement happening with your content then you may need to review what’s working and what isn’t.


Building a successful social media strategy takes time and commitment, especially to stand out from the crowd and get your Facebook posts and tweets heard above the competition.

That’s where FoundUB4 can help. I can market your content and enable you to connect with your target audience in an accurate and timely way.
Who am I?

My name is Barrie and I’m a dedicated freelance social media consultant with over 146 years of experience in SEO and 6 years of experience in SMM.
At FoundUB4 I provide social media consultancy services to all sizes of companies who are looking to successfully promote their brand across high traffic social networks and increase their clients’ websites search positions on Google.

When you choose FoundUB4 I will:

• Formulate a bespoke strategy to get your brand noticed and your audience engaged and connected with your content
• Offer Facebook and twitter marketing to increase your online exposure, selling your products in a balanced way
• Improve audience awareness about your brand
• Provide Google SEO for a variety of flexible monthly budgets to suit your needs
Marketing made affordable
Save money by using my retainer package for my services. This is a great budgeting tool for start-up businesses and for pre-buying hours on a monthly basis, thereby picking which of my services you want within these hours.
Social media results

As a qualified social media consultant, I have used my knowledge and expertise to generate a successful social media campaign and white label service for agencies – now I want to do the same for your company.
At FoundUB4 I will work with you to discuss the following:

• Find out what works in your current marketing strategy
• Determine what works for your competitors and what doesn’t
• Increase your brand presence via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr
• Deliver outstanding results for your brand
On today’s internet, standing out from the social media crowd has never been more important. I can help you to achieve the above results – FAST! Call FoundUB4 on 07590 329204 or use the contact form to get in touch. A successful and affordable social media campaign is just a click away!