How Can a Small Business Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing?

Small Business & Social Media Marketing

How Can a Small Business Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing?

You know that terrific restaurant that your brother-in-law suggested you try? How about your holiday last year where a business colleague told you about a wonderful guest house just off the main autoroute? Then there was the message from your daughter telling you about the special offer on a flat-screen TV.

Something like the above will almost certainly have happened to you fairly recently. In the past, the message would have probably originated by word-of-mouth. Nowadays, it’s equally likely that you’ll find it through Facebook or Twitter, or there will be a video on YouTube!

Amazingly, some small businesses are not yet taking full advantage of these tremendous sources of good publicity. Many years ago, a successful retailer said: “People tell me that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising – and they’re right. That’s why I use press ads to tell them what to say.” His was a local business that gained a disproportionate response, simply because he presented his message to the widest-possible audience. Social media marketing offers you that same opportunity.

That’s how effective use of social media can offer size and scope to your small business. Using professional help to create skilful messages, and then to drive them out onto the message boards, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and elsewhere, helps you control, as much as you can, what people are talking about. They are also terrific ways to build relationships with, and gain feedback from, your regular customer base. You can remind past users, make special offers, announce new products or services to people who might not otherwise find out about you.

For a small business, you have the chance to take an equal place in the customer’s mind, compared to larger (even national or multinational) competitors. Actually walking through the door of your business could emphasise the difference in size, online – you are all viewed on the same size of screen!

Using a professional makes sure that such activities are focused rather than random, co-ordinated and not ad-hoc. You can develop a detailed, lasting strategy to turn your business into a strong social media performer. It almost seems that you have added a whole new department to your small business!

It’s about that time when you will start hearing the tweets of small birds announcing themselves large to the world as spring eventually saunters into view. It suggests a freshness, that a change is afoot, and is a welcoming sound. It’s certainly time for your small business to twitter a loud and distinctive call to a world out there that could be yours…

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