Why Car Dealers Need Social Media

Social Media: The Future of The Car Dealership?

It’s possible nowadays for a company of any size to engage with an audience on Facebook, and the site is utilised by all manner of firms – from multinational conglomerates to small town part-time businesses. Facebook provides a platform for everybody to share their wares.

That said, there are many companies in many industries which have yet to realise having a social media presence could benefit them. Car dealerships are a prime example. Most people look for a reliable car dealer firstly, and choose a vehicle after viewing it.

Facebook offers car dealers an opportunity to engage with previous customers and win the trust of new ones, as well as displaying images of their latest vehicles on offer. Regularly updating a page with interesting, informative and engaging content is a sure-fire way to help build relationships with an audience.

Of course, when it comes to purchasing a car, the deal is usually done face-to-face. Engaging with customers online can help bring an air of familiarity to proceedings when they finally step on the dealership forecourt – by already forging a relationship with customers online, the real-world talk becomes much easier, and much more relaxed. Customers feel like they know their car dealer, and this converts to sales.

There are numerous ways in which car dealers can use social media in order to improve upon sales, including:

Appointing someone to take control of all social media pertaining to the business – Having an employee with an innate understanding of how to interact with customers on Facebook can work wonders.

That said, not everybody has the time in a busy car dealership to manage online content and work their magic on the shop floor, which is why it’s worth considering outsourcing such tasks.

Creating offline awareness of your page amongst customers – this can easily be achieved by adding reminders to customer correspondence such as invoices and repair orders to follow your brand in order to gain unique access to the latest offers and contests.

Sharing day-to-day insights with your audience – allow staff to provide your designated Social Media specialist with stories about selling a car to a great customer, or about any new products and services on offer.

Facebook is a powerful tool for promoting any business, and it’s completely free. It’s a quick and easy means of connecting with potentially thousands of people and promoting a car dealership, and can prove invaluable as more and more people seek to check out businesses online.

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