Freelance Social Media Consultant

As a freelance social media manager, building brand awareness is my priority. I achieve this with a multiple-pronged, diverse approach which ultimately gets your message where it needs to be seen.


The outcome is a huge increase of traffic to your site at a low cost.


My service offers a fantastic return on investment, hugely increased sales and a tangible increase in revenues. I’m dedicated, reliable, and you can trust me to transform your business.


By understanding the goals of your company, I’m able to fine-tune my knowledge of social media management to tailor activities designed to increase traffic to your site, foster brand awareness and help customers to engage with your business.

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What’s Included

  • Daily social media management
  • Page design / re-design
  • Daily, relevant posts (engaging, inspiring & promotional)
  • Videos used

  • Graphic post design (each unique)
  • Daily engagement on your accounts
  • Brand reputation management
  • Inbox monitoring and replying

  • Social ads setup & management
  • Social network growth focused
  • Fully flexible campaigns, (no packages here)
  • Monthly report & on-going updates

  • 18+ years experience
  • No long contracts
  • No jargon
  • Focused on your goals

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Instagram Management

Never underestimate the importance of visual appeal. With my Instagram advertising management service, you can expect to target key demographics at the right place, at the right time. Using data captured from your existing user base, I can create eye-catching, informative posts which make your prospects want to know more.


Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network, and with a dedicated Instagram management service, you can get on board and reap the rewards of getting your products in front of those who matter: those most likely to make a purchase.

Facebook Management

As the world’s largest social network, many businesses fall into the trap of becoming lost in a sea of competitors, with little idea of how to target prospects.


It’s my job to navigate that sea, and to ensure you win the race to the top. From keeping your fans up to date with a calendar of events to developing an honest, genuine “likability” for your brand, my role is to:


  • Get people talking about your business
  • Target key demographics through Facebook ads
  • Encourage positive discussion on your Facebook wall
  • Generate sales through Facebook engagement
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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

When it comes to connecting with prospects via social ads, the devil is in the detail – or more specifically, how to harness those details to an advantage.


Facebook and Instagram offer incredibly specific demographics, and my role is to figure out what works for your company and optimise your campaigns for maximum effect.


This is achieved by:


  • Carefully managing your budget to ensure a healthy ROI
  • Creating custom chat bots to enhance the customer experience via Messenger
  • Creating custom audience lists to target prospects more effectively
  • Utilising dynamic product ads to attract the attention of those who have already viewed your product pages

By creating unmissable social campaigns and generating enticing, exciting and shareable content, I can help to boost engagement and nurture your following across a variety of social media platforms.


This boosts the awareness of your business and puts you in the spotlight of your targeted demographics.


Retaining your customers:


Don’t let poor online customer service be your downfall. Allow me to monitor all social media platforms for support issues, to nurture and develop relationships with those that matter and create a positive online reputation for your brand – one that will keep customers returning for more.

I offer a range of social media services:


  • Full Social Media management
  • Social Media strategy and monitoring
  • Integrated Social Media campaigns
  • Engagement & customer service
  • Social media advertising campaigns
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