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Facebook advertising is my business, and I’m good at it. I know the power of a targeted advert, and I know the power of identifying your audience, and it’s what makes my consultancy such a strong contender amongst the current market.  Contact me below to take the 1st step to having a successful ads campaign for your business.

Northampton Based Facebook Advertising Consultant

I spend my days helping clients like you to optimizing their Facebook campaigns. This means helping you get more leads, growing your sales, get more app installs or simply grow your Facebook following.

I’m based in Corby, Northampton, but have clients from all over the world. I’ve got lots of experience and believe I’m one of the best Facebook Advertising consultants servicing the UK.

How Much Budget Do I Need?

My absolute minimum monthly fee is £450.00, (excluding PPC Cost) because I put a significant baseline of time into understanding your business even before I create a single social media post or advert.  

At the end of the day, anyone can create an advert, it takes research & commitment to generate conversions.

If you are hoping to spend £50-100 pcm on your Facebook ads I am not the right person for you.

To work on a managed basis (What it costs to hire me) you will need to be investing a minimum of £1000 pcm on your facebook ads budget but this could be more depending on your type of business, or goals. 

The Seven things that happen when you Work With Barrie

Facebook targeting

Facebook Advertising has the most advanced targeting in the world.

Facebook Audience

With two billion people now on Facebook, there is pretty much a guarantee that your audience is on there.

Facebook ROI

Facebook and Instagram deliver some of the highest ROI out of all the available marketing channels.

Facebook Advantages

People are spending more time on Facebook than any other platform. You need to be in front of them.


Due to the size and data available on Facebook, volume of traffic is not an issue!

Facebook Ad Creation

I will create enticing Facebook Ads that convert into customers

Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing on Facebook allows you to capitalize on existing website traffic.


An effective Facebook advertising expert strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

Barries’ Facebook Advertising service offers the following benefits:

  • Flat Monthly Management Fee
  • Flexible Contract Terms
  • Track Your ROI
  • Full Weekly Reporting

When it comes to running a business, it’s vital that you get the right message out to your audience.

After all; the last thing you want is to attract customers that are unlikely to buy from you!

That’s why you need to entrust your digital marketing with an industry expert. Someone that knows what they are doing and has a proven track record. With almost two decades of digital marketing experience, I can offer your business a full suite of services.

For over 18 years, FoundUB4’s marketing consultancy service has provided digital marketing advice and solutions.

From social media strategies which maximise the performance of your social media channels, to website management and design services, FoundUB4 will provide you with an excellent marketing consultant to help you convert prospects into customers.

I also offer brand strategy and brand identity advice to help you develop a brand that truly represents your company’s values, and resonates with your customers.

To book your own digital marketing consultant, or to see how FoundUB4 can help your business call today on 07590 329204.

My Guarantee

My absolute minimum monthly fee is £450.00, (excluding PPC Cost) because I put a significant baseline of time into understanding your business even before I create a single social media post or advert. 

More info about prices can be found here

If you are expecting results over night then again, I’m not the right person for you.

Social media marketing, including Instagram & Facebook ads, is all about testing and learning.

I can’t make any guarantees as we never know what Facebook is going to do, however I can promise that I will do the best I possibly can with my 10 years plus hands on experience of social media advertising, and I will be entirely transparent on the results.

I will treat your ads budget as if it was my own money.

If you are ready to invest in your marketing and work with a UK based Facebook ads expert then lets have a chat.

Give me a call on 07590 329204 to talk through what areas of the marketing world you’d like some help with! 


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Why wait? Put on your Company In front Of Your Audience and let’s rock it!

Get Barrie to help your business grow online!

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