Want To Get More From Your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Marketing

Barrie Le Gall

If you want your brand to be seen on-line, it’s as important to ensure you have a Facebook marketing campaign as it is for your website to be found on the first page go Google.


There are a number of consultants that claim to be Facebook experts, but you need an experienced Facebook consultant that will effectively attract Facebook fans, boost your “likes”, and generate sales.


What FoundUB4 Do: Get people talking about your products/services Finding and targeting your perfect audience including estimated audience size and costs to advertise through Facebook “pay per click” (if required).


Engage with your target audience Engaging with your audience is key to increase reach and likability, which is why it’s so important to get the conversation going on your wall rather than having posts just from your company.


Become a source of information By working with you, FoundUB4 are able to create a calendar of events to ensure your fans KEEP coming back to your page.


Generates the “likability” factor The more people you have talking about you, the more quality fans you’ll attract. FoundUB4 have experience in getting people to “like” your page.   I can provide, and assist you with making sure you spend the right amount of time on your Facebook marketing strategy by analysing:

How often to update

Why type of media is best

What time of the day etc.

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