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How to get more followers on Instagram

Forget Facebook and Twitter: Instagram is where all the cool kids hang out these days. Not only that, but it’s also quickly becoming a favourite with online marketing gurus.

With a user base which exceeds 700 million ( and higher engagement rates than just about any other social media platform out there, getting yourself on the ‘Gram is a no-brainer.

For your swanky snapshots to get the thousands of views and comments that they deserve, though, it’s important to focus your efforts on getting as many followers as possible. Gaining new followers on Instagram isn’t that difficult; the site’s tagging system and browsing features mean that Instagram users see lots of new content by users and businesses that they don’t yet follow every day. The key is to make sure your content shows up in users’ feeds, and to make sure it’s great content that they want to see more of.

Tag your snaps

Tagging is rule number one of Instagram marketing success. If you tag your images with relevant hashtags they’re much more likely to appear in people’s searches. You can keep your tags simple and straightforward (#dogs), or you can use take advantage of popular trending Instagram tags (#dogsofinstagram). Be generous with your tags, hop onto relevant tagging trends where you can, and don’t pass off an opportunity to promote your unique hashtags elsewhere.

Post what people want to see

All the tagging in the world won’t get you very far if the content you’re posting isn’t what people want to see. Even though you’re using Instagram for marketing, your posts need to appeal enough to consumers to make them follow you. Make sure your content is useful and relevant, and post bright, attractive images. Now is definitely the time to brush up on your photography skills.

Make yourself visible

Instagram is a conversation: take part. Comment on images, reply to comments on yours, and join in conversations (as long as you’ve got something interesting or insightful to say). Be witty, be genuine, and be warm, and it’ll go a long way to making you some new friends and followers on the world’s most engaging social network.

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