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Craving a Sales Avalanche? Let’s Make It Rain Results!

Welcome to FoundUB4 – where your digital advertising isn’t just another expense, it’s an investment with returns so high, you’ll be dizzy with success.

Nina Koutibashvili
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Very professional, knows what he is doing. He was always happy to explain the process and help along the way to turn the campaign into a success.
Uwe Gower
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Barrie Le Gall at FOUNDUB4's services have proven invaluable for Sennheiser's brand visibility on numerous occasions. He brought audience to our videos, he spread the word of our apps - who knows what digital wizardry he's going to make work for us next. Good value for money, dependable, and very easy to work with: highly recommended!
Chris & Andy
ORA Events
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Barrie was extremely helpful guiding us through the process, explaining each step clearly and supporting us at every stage, often going the extra mile to find solutions.
Anassa O'Neill
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Barrie has great energy and determination for any project he truly believes in and really gives it his all, going above and beyond the service we expected.
Leon Webster
Alfie's Driving School
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Barrie has been managing my business since 2015. Attention to detail is spot on, would highly recommend Barrie.
Lisa Vue
Fashion Brand
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Barrie was so patient and helpful with advice for Facebook Adverts - I would highly recommend his services!
Paris Michaelides
My Little Panda
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Barry helped us, achieve our goals plus he understand social media much better than anyone we use before.

Getting Results with Digital Advertising

A digital marketing consultant partnering with brands, celebrities, and small enterprises to amplify their online presence and maximize the impact of their social media strategies.

Welcome to the intersection of creativity and strategy, where FoundUB4's Paid Social Media Advertising services transform your online presence into a hub of customer activity and engagement.

With an unwavering focus on delivering tangible results, FoundUB4 offers a suite of paid social services tailored to catapult your brand to the forefront of your audience's minds.

It’s time to stop whispering your brand into the void and start echoing it across the digital landscape. You’re not here for the mediocre, the passable, or the ‘just okay.’ You’re here to make waves, to be the name on everyone’s lips, to see your sales graph do the tango upwards. 🚀

Why FoundUB4? Because ‘Average’ Isn’t in Our Vocabulary.
  • Confident? You bet. We’re the maestros of the digital sphere, crafting campaigns that don’t just knock on the door – they smash it down.
  • Direct? Absolutely. Here’s the deal: you want sales, and we know how to get them.
  • Persuasive? Like a barrister in the court of conversions, we make the case for your brand so compelling, the internet jury can’t help but say ‘yes’.
  • Enthusiastic? We’re more fired up than a double espresso on a Monday morning.
  • Provocative? We don’t just tickle interest, we create a craving for your brand that’s almost indecent.
  • Results-Oriented? Our results speak louder than a town crier with a megaphone.
  • Conversational? We’re the friend that tells you how it is – your success is the only gossip we’re interested in.
  • Relatable? We get you. The struggle is real, but so are the victories.
  • Bold? We don’t do timid; we do trail-blazing digital strategies that turn the market on its head.
  • Slightly Irreverent? Our strategies are more unique than a unicorn at a horse race – and we don’t charge unicorn catching fees.

Does This Sound All Too Familiar?

  • You’re spending on ads, but seeing little return on investment (ROI)?
  • You’re finding it tough to create effective Google and META paid ads?
  • Your social media presence isn’t translating into sales
  • You’re not sure how to turn website visitors into loyal customers?


If these challenges resonate with you, it’s time to change the game.

What we do to help you grow your business is customised to where you are at in your journey. And everything we do has 1 focus. Your profitable growth!

What we do.

Social Media Community Management

Paid Social Advertising

Ready to skyrocket your brand’s presence on Facebook & Instagram? Step up your game with our high-converting, strategic paid social campaigns.

Social Media Performance Analysis

Paid Search Ads

Are you ready to see your Google Ads turn from aimless clicks to a robust customer-converting machine? With FoundUB4, your ad spend is not just an expense; it’s an investment poised to bloom.

Social Media Content Creation

Landing Page Optimisation

Looking to improve your website’s performance and increase ROI? FoundUB4, a leading CRO agency based in Northampton, offers specialised services to enhance your website’s conversion rate. 

Knock Knock.

Who's There? Your Next Best Decision.

Forget about the ‘what ifs’ and embrace the ‘what will be’ with FoundUB4. No more throwing coins into the wishing well of digital marketing. It’s time for guaranteed growth, for strategy that sizzles, for sales that don’t just climb – they catapult.

Need proof? Call now and book your FREE Digital Strategy Call. Discover the secrets to digital dominance. Don’t let your competitors have all the fun (or the profits).

Dial 07590 329 204 – Let’s make your business the headline, not the footnote.

Barrie B&W

Meet The Man Behind The Results

I’m Barrie! The owner and founder of Found UB4, a digital advertising agency based in the Midlands,

I have over two decades of experience in digital marketing. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and SMEs achieve their growth goals through specialised digital advertising techniques.

Since founding Found UB4 in 2010, I have supported hundreds of businesses with their advertising needs.

My focus is always on delivering real, measurable results that help businesses thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Barrie Le Gall at FoundUB4

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