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Convert more leads with optimised sales funnels.

Bold Claims? Absolutely.

We’re not in the business of modesty. We’re in the business of blowing your digital goals out of the water. Our clients don’t come to us for the safe plays; they come for the game-changers. With FoundUB4, your ads aren’t just seen—they’re remembered.

Expertly Crafted Campaigns Just for You

Bespoke Google Ads Management:

We offer custom Google Ads strategies that amplify online visibility and generate impactful outcomes, focusing on increasing leads, sales, and ROI.

Tailored Campaign Excellence

With extensive industry experience, FoundUB4's specialists craft campaigns that engage and resonate with the intended audience, moving beyond visibility to meaningful interaction.

Data-Driven Personalisation

Clients benefit from FoundUB4's rigorous approach to account reviews, creative ad development, and conversion tracking, all of which contribute to a personalised, effective, and financially rewarding Google Ads experience.

Areas of our paid media expertise

As a leading digital marketing agency, we support global brands with their marketing challenges (not just Paid Media) with expertise in, CRO, Social Media Consultancy and more. 

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Our Inclusive Service Features

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Conversion-Driven Funnels

We've honed numerous lead and sales funnels through our managed Google Ads services. The right strategy is crucial for Google Ads success, and we collaborate with our clients to design a customer journey that converts.

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Google Ad Account Review

For clients who have previously run ads, we initiate with a comprehensive ad account review to pinpoint improvements. This often leads to instant enhancement in performance.

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Campaign Type Expertise

From Search to Display, and Performance Max to YouTube, we thoughtfully select the most effective campaign types to engage your ideal audience.

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Targeted Outreach

Our detailed research into keywords and audience targeting is foundational, ensuring we connect with prospects at the right moment for maximum impact.

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Creative Ad Development

With skilled Account Managers and creatives, we ensure your brand shines. The journey begins with your ad, and we devote significant care to this step.

A stylized icon depicting a document with a dollar sign and a bar graph, indicating financial reporting or economic analysis.

Rigorous Conversion Tracking

Accurate tracking is vital for ongoing optimisation. By understanding the results your campaigns generate, we can continuously refine and enhance your strategy.



Whether you're experienced in Google Ads or new to the platform, our broad expertise means we can deliver transformative leads and sales. To learn more, schedule a free 30-minute call with us.

Simultaneous Brand Growth & ROI

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Ideal for Budgets Big and Small

We aim for campaigns that build your brand while providing a strong return on investment.

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Personal Account Manager

Our clients receive as much attention as needed to yield the best outcomes.

Google Ads Specialists

We focus exclusively on Google Ads & Facebook Ads, setting us apart in the industry.

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