Social Media Expert

Looking to Boost your Social Media Presence and Grow New Business?


Over 10 Years In Social Media Consultancy

I've been a freelance social media consultant for over 10 years, and know how to get more people interested in what your company have to offer.

Social Media Specialist

I will create posts, marketing call-to-actions, and other ways to encourage fans to follow and like you.

Expert In Generating Sales Without Selling

I don’t do aggressive sales or rubbish social media posts, that’s just not right.  I provide an engaging social media service that encourages your audience to like and trust you and keeps your existing customers returning on a regular basis.

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I'll Help You Get The Results You Need

I'll be your dedicated specialist social media consultant that'll help you acieve amazing results from social media marketing.

Become favoured on Facebook & Instagram

  • Get people talking about your business
  • Target key demographics through Facebook ads
  • Encourage positive discussion on your Instagram & Facebook feed
  • Generate sales through Facebook engagement

When it comes to connecting with prospects via social ads, the devil is in the detail – or more specifically, how to harness those details to an advantage. Facebook and Instagram offer incredibly specific demographics, and my role is to figure out what works for your company and optimise your campaigns for maximum effect.

I achieve this by:

  • Carefully managing your budget to ensure a healthy ROI
  • Creating custom chat bots to enhance the customer experience via Messenger
  • Creating custom audience lists to target prospects more effectively
  • Utilising dynamic product ads to attract the attention of those who have already viewed your product pages