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  • Are you looking for a freelance SEO consultant to help your company grow?
  • Someone who can improve your Google & Voice search results?
  • Do you need help devising a SEO strategy that will actually work?
  • Do you need a Link building and content marketing strategy setup and managed that’ll actually generate a financial return?
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Affordable SEO services for small businesses & SMEs

At FoundUB4, I want to be your number one choice for affordable SEO services. Many SEO agencies over-promise and under-deliver. SEO is a tricky business and they get away with it because they know most people will not know the difference. I will ensure that you are happy with the results that I deliver. I will not send you a monthly bill unless the work is completed and you are happy with what I have done. If at any point you are not, you can simply tell me to stop the project and you do not pay for any work done.

When competing with the big boys, it can be difficult and costly to keep up. With FoundUB4, you get affordable SEO to keep up with the industry leaders.

You don’t want your business to be lumped in with hundreds of other websites all with the same SEO techniques. You want your business to stand out from the crowd. That is where FoundUB4 comes in. I will tailor my SEO strategies to suit your business.

There is nothing more frustrating than investing time into a website that doesn’t pay off. I guarantee that you will see results after a few months of working together.

You can hire me as an SEO consultant on a monthly basis. This means that as a client, you don’t have to worry about being charged for extra hours. It also means that SEO is not something that you simply outsource, but something that is carefully managed and monitored by a professional who knows what they are doing. If you have a few projects up your sleeve, and need someone to make sure that your SEO is done properly, then my monthly retainer package will be perfect for you.

My focus is on long-term organic SEO.

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I focus on both on-page and off-page optimisation

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It's not just links you need, it's quality links

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Don't just create a blog post, create useful information

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It's more than just positioins, its about traffic that converts

I'm the Freelance SEO Consultant You've Been Looking For

As an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I am passionate about making sure that it is implemented correctly, to help the quality and quantity of organic traffic to websites increase. I am a firm believer that it is the most cost-effective and affordable form of digital marketing, even more so than any paid advertising strategies. 

If it is done properly, there will be a significant increase in organic traffic, as well as the following benefits:

  • Fast & user-friendly websites: Users demand websites that are easy to navigate and load quickly. If they aren’t, they are going to click off and go elsewhere. Having a fast and user-friendly website is also now a crucial ranking factor. Embedding SEO into your website will improve loading speed and the user experience, ensuring you rank higher, bring in leads, and increase conversions.
  • Build the trust factor: The higher in search engines you rank, the more likely it is that consumers will see you as an authoritative figure within your industry. In the same vein, it is also thought that the lower down you are in ranking, the less reliable and trustworthy you are.
  • Increase in traffic: People searching for you are already in a sales mode and will tell you exactly what it is that they want. The higher up in search engines you appear, the more likely you are to be clicked on, therefore increasing organic traffic to your site significantly.
  • Better SEO ROI: To gain customers, SEO is much less costly than ads. Effective SEO is, in reality, the most successful form of internet marketing. The only costs that are associated with SEO are those involved in hiring a freelance SEO consultant such as myself.

    I’ve not idea what they are doing for this. Either they are paying their staff peanuts or they aren’t spending much time on your campaign.

    I don’t have a one-size fits all approach either, I look at factors such as your industry competitiveness and how your company is currently performing.

    I will then make a no-obligation pitch for you to work with me based on what I would like to do for a strategy and what it will cost to implement, and manage it on an on-going basis.