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My Freelance SEO Consultancy Service Results Speak For Themselves. From Google Search To Voice And Alexa, I Focus On 100% Organic.

Northampton Based SEO Consultant

A big part of any online marketing plan is SEO (search engine optimisation). Most of your website visitors will find you by doing an online search. They will use keywords that relate to your brand or its products and services.

With over one billion sites live on the Web today, competition for those keywords can be fierce.

That’s why you need an SEO expert that can ensure your brand gets seen by your potential customers first.

That’s why it makes sense to work with someone like me!

As a freelance SEO consultant, I can apply my skills and experience to making your site rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

As part of my service to you, I will provide a full SEO keyword rankings report. You’ll also get a link-building profile report, so you can visualise the flow of traffic to your website.

Your site will soon have improved rankings in Google, Voice, Bing, and other search engines.


It’s important that when people are searching for products and/or services that you offer, your name comes up. Improving your search engine rankings through on and off-page optimisation, local SEO, link building and an on-point content plan.

My SEO services drive quality visitors to your website, increasing your conversion rates to customers through your online door.

I believe that the secret of a good SEO Expert is in getting to know the businesses I work with inside and out and their target market.

If you are asking yourself do I really need a SEO Consultant then ask yourself “are you happy with your current rankings in the search engines?”

There is no ‘one size fits all’ at FoundUB4. My SEO packages are designed to work with any business model, large or small, and can be tailored to your exact needs and budget. Give me a call today for an informal chat about SEO and the potential it has to make your business soar.

Simply posting good content on social media isn’t going to drive a lot of sales.

Why? Every business has a target audience, and you need to make sure that your social media presence is being seen by your target audience too.

Doing this requires in-depth knowledge of PPC adverts and hashtags, all whilst still making your content interesting enough to grab someone’s attention.

Composing well-written and strategic content that will be noticed by your target audience is exactly what I can offer.

It All Starts With...

It all starts from a single link… My link building services starts from a single link.  All natural, in-content links from high DA websites.

My aim is to generate more traffic to your website from organic search, not just focus on search positions.  I mean, what’s the point of being number for for a search term no one is using.

Give me a call on 07590 329204 to talk through what areas of the marketing world you’d like some help with! 


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