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3 benefits of SEO that you need to know about

An effective SEO strategy has remained essential for any business to achieve success online, despite the digital landscape changing dramatically over the past few years.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the 3 most important benefits of SEO that you need to know about:

Increases traffic and conversions

The most important benefit of Search Engine Optimisation is that your website will rank higher on search engine results pages, making it more likely that potential customers will click on your website’s link and boost traffic.

Having keyword-relevant and informative meta descriptions and title tags on your site helps to not only boost your site’s click-through rate but also increase conversions, so you can ensure that only customers who are likely to take action will visit your page.

Boosts brand awareness

Top position rankings on search engine results pages will lead to significant impressions and more exposure for your website.

Not only does being on the first page of results for your target keywords help consumers associate your brand with those keywords, but it also helps to build a level of trust with your potential customers.

Appearing on the first page of results gives your customers the impression that your page is trustworthy, so the more frequently your content appears high up on search engine rankings, the more opportunities you have for brand exposure.

Provides trackable results

SEO provides quantifiable results, so whether you’re a non-e-commerce site or an e-commerce site, you are able to track every significant element of your SEO strategy.

This includes being able to view data regarding conversions, traffic and rankings, as well as more detailed engagement metrics and demographic information about the users who have visited your website.

A reputable SEO provider will be able to see exactly which paths visitors to your site have taken, from the keywords they searched with to the point at which they made a purchase.

For non-e-commerce websites, you can calculate the value of your SEO strategy by attributing values to your lead conversions, such as users filling out a contact form and requesting more information or signing up for a service.

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