Digital Marketing Expert

I am an experienced and innovative Independent Digital Marketing Consultant, with a proven track record in delivering successful results for my clients.

I will listen to your business needs and create a Digital Marketing strategy that puts your business in front of your target audience when they are looking for what you offer right at the time they are ready to buy!

digital marketing expert that supports your business objectives.

Hey, I’m Barrie, and I am an experienced freelance Digital Marketing Consultant based in Northampton, UK.

When it comes to running a business, it’s vital that you get the right message out to your audience. After all; the last thing you want is to attract customers that are unlikely to buy from you!

That’s why you need to entrust your digital marketing with an industry expert. Someone that knows what they are doing and has a proven track record. With almost two decades of digital marketing experience, I can offer your business a full suite of services.

Let’s face it: you are busy running your business. It makes sense to entrust your digital marketing to someone that can help you achieve your goals. As an experienced online marketer, I can help you to expand your business using tried and tested methods. Ones that give an excellent ROI (return on investment).

Optimisation of web pages for more conversions based on thorough research, testing and UX expertise.


Formulating in-depth SEO strategies to reach your audience & achieve your goals from organic & voice search.


I tailor my social media community management services to the exact needs of your business.


I setup and optimise social PPC campaigns that generate leads & sales for your business on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok


I will create a Facebook advertising strategy for your business that will deliver more engagement, more leads and more sales.


Helping businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and scale their Instagram following and use Instagram for marketing and advertising.

I am a specialist in Instagram advertising for both small business and large brands.

I work one-on-one with my clients to develop a tailored strategy that is specifically designed to ensure they achieve their marketing goals.

I grow your following organically by engaging your customers, followers and existing fans on Instagram.

As an experienced TikTok management consultant, I have a clear process that can be tailored to fit your business’ needs and goals, all with the same result: growing your business through TikTok ads.

Together we will create a strategy to help you grow your following on TikTok by engaging with other creators.

Proven track record in growing brands through TikTok. If you’ve been wanting to use TikTok in your marketing strategy, but have been too scared to take the leap, I can help!

Full Service – I’ll Be Your Digital Marketing Manager: Need someone to handle all your online marketing without spending a fortune? You’ve found him!

My Approach To Digital Advertising



I take the time to understand your brands products and services, business objectives and target audience.



Every brand is different so it’s important I take the time to figure out the strategy that’s right for you.


Unique Content

I review your existing assets and help to create unique content that I know will perform best.



With the incredible amount of data available I build custom audiences and utilise pixel tracking.


Creative & Copy

First impressions count which is why I prioritise producing the most effective creative and copy.



Campaigns are never left untouched and require consistent optimisation to achieve the optimal results.



I never settle, I utilise scaling techniques to gradually drive large volumes of leads and sales when and where possible.



Weekly and monthly reporting is crucial to keep you informed on the performance of you Social Campaigns.

Barrie Le Gall - Digital Marketing Hero

How much does it cost?

There are many companies out there who will “do” your digital marketing for peanuts; they may or may not deliver anything which actually supports your business goals and your brand image.

My absolute minimum monthly fee is £650.00, because I put a significant baseline of time into understanding your business even before I create a single social media advert or start to optimise your social networks.

I also don’t hire junior marketers or outsource any of your work – your marketing campaigns will be taken care of by myself only.

This isn’t vital for all businesses, so if you’re looking for the cheapest possible option, please talk to my competitors instead

DiMAD - Does it make a differance?

This is the guiding light for everything I do. At every stage in every campaign I constantly ask myself this question.
In other words if the key desired outcome is added sales of a product, or more participants at an event, I need to ensure that whatever activity I undertake is actually geared to this result.
There is no real value in acres of media coverage that doesn’t generate to required outcome. DiMAD keeps me focused and ensure I meet or exceed client expectations.