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Hi, I’m Barrie, I am the founder of FoundUB4, a marketing consultant company in the UK that offers companies a bespoke marketing management service that delivers the results needed to succeed.

As a search & social media consultant at FoundUB4 in Northampton, I work with a wide range of companies to make their voices heard on-line through SEO & Social Media.

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At FoundUB4, I help you build loyalty and trust with focused digital marketing consultancy strategies.

Remember: Social Media is more than posting pictures of cute kittens.

It’s about being sociable with your target audience.

An effective Facebook advertising strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

Do You

  • Want to increase the number of quality fans / followers on your Facebook & Instagram page?
  • Want to increase the number of visitors from social media to your website that converts into customers without high marketing costs?
  • Want to have more people liking, sharing, & commenting on your social posts?


Did it Make Any Difference? This is the guiding light for everything I do. At every stage in every campaign I constantly ask myself this question.

In other words if the key desired outcome is added sales of a product, or more participants at an event, I need to ensure that whatever activity I undertake is actually geared to this result.

There is no real value in acres of media coverage that doesn’t generate to required outcome. DiMAD keeps me focused and ensure I meet or exceed client expectations.

I Help Companies
Like Yours

Together, we can make your business go on to do Amazing things!

As A Digital Marketing Consultant, I Empower Great Ideas And Believe That Great Content Comes From Great People, Just Like You!

I offer a selection of digital marketing consultant services that range from website marketing, social media marketing, SEO through to targeted paid advertising that will give you great exposure and returns whilst allowing you to maintain control of your marketing budget.

My Social Media Management services take your social media optimisation to the next level.

I can help you to grab the undivided attention of your target audience, enticing them to interact with you and share their experience of your brand with others.

My Services

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There are so many ways to engage with your audience using social media. Give your customers an incentive, make them laugh, make them think and provoke their interests.

The best campaigns are the original ideas that tap into the mindset of your audience.

I will take the time to find out more about your business and what makes your audience tick. This attention to detail will ensure your social media efforts run like clockwork

Using A Social Media Expert

I work solely with each client and don’t outsource work to third parties. You’ll receive a dedicated and devoted service to help you deliver solutions for your company.

Why every business should engage in social media marketing
I manage your Facebook and/or Instagram PPC budget on a daily basis and react to the data with a focus on ROI. There’s no point having a campaign that doesn’t work!
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Instagram is one of the largest image-based social media networks, growing rapidly with the younger demographics. It drives a great deal of visual interest, which is especially beneficial for B2C campaigns.

If you would like help with getting more from your instagram account, I can get you the results.

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I can help your website to be found and continue to be found by your target audience from Google search. When people are looking for a business like yours online, they are receptive to your marketing message and in the mood to buy.

I use innovative, measurable and proven SEO techniques that are designed to bring more business to your door whether you are a small local business or a national organisation.

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With only six degrees separating you from the rest of the world, saying the right shareable things on your social networks takes you one step closer to an audience you’ve not reached before.

Creating posts and statuses that promote your own unique website content will mean that when people share your content, they’ll also be sharing your name, brand and voice.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook & Instagram

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I Solve Real // Problems

What I Can Do For You!

I have provided and implemented SEO & Social Media strategies for a number of businesses that have delivered outstanding results for a number of clients in industries including, health, beauty, fashion, sports, healthcare, cosmetic surgery, travel, automotive, dating, confectionery, and many more over recent years.

Customers Reviews

"We have been working with Barrie for over a year and have found him extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Looking forward to continuing to develop our social media strategy with him."
Ranjit Dudrah
Ranjit Dudrah
The Godfather at Lepsons
"Barrie’s attention to detail is exempt and he is always looking to push my business forward and stay ahead of the competition. Would highly recommend."
Leon Webster
The Don of Driving Instructors
“If you’re in need of a professional, who takes time and makes the effort to truly understand the wants and needs of your marketing, then Barrie is your choice. "
Suzanne Peck
Suzanne Peck
The Detox Queen