Digital Marketing Consultant For Small Businesses & SMEs

If you want to get your business noticed online and attract a wider audience, you simply must include online marketing in your marketing strategy.

FoundUB4 offers a selection of digital marketing services that range from SEO & Social Media through to targeted Paid Advertising that will give you great exposure and returns whilst allowing you to maintain control of your marketing budget.

Save money by using my retainer package for my services. This is a great budgeting tool for many businesses and for pre-buying hours on a monthly basis, thereby picking which of my services you want within these hours.

Why Choose Me

  • Guaranteed results
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Affordable
  • Focused On Results
  • No Setup Fees or Long Contracts

Digital Marketing Strategies That Work!

You need to focus on the big picture of running your business. That’s why you want a company like FoundUB4 to worry about all the details of making a great impression with your customers.

I can provide you with a comprehensive marketing solution to reach prospects across multiple media platforms, launch appealing new products and/or services, and tie together in the form of a unique, unforgettable brand.

Search Engine Marketing


Reach out to an audience that is always switched on and actively searching for your type of business


Leap ahead of your competition by using innovative marketing techniques that leave rivals in the shade


Obtain advice and marketing support that is tailored to your exact needs and business objectives

Higher Conversions

Experience higher conversion rates than ever before through optimised content, smart link building and website optimisation


Retain existing customers and attract new ones by building trust with your online community

These are just some of the great benefits of internet marketing.

FoundUB4 adds even more to these benefits by ensuring no long contracts or hidden costs, offering versatile marketing services that grow and evolve with your business, proven marketing techniques that work for businesses of any size and a set of affordable and user-friendly packages. 

The FoundUB4 difference – My services grow and evolve with you!

Have you ever stopped to think about your target audience and what they expect from you?

Of course, great service is probably at the top of their list, but value and visibility are probably next. By increasing your exposure to the thousands of potential customers online you make yourself easy to find by those looking for your services.

And those looking for your services right now are probably in the mood to buy or find out more. 

I've Worked With Some Amazing Companies

Free Digital Marketing Proposal

Do I Have To Sign Up For A Minimum Period

No, you can cancel at any time with just a 1 month notice period, at FoundUB4 I pride myself on delivering an unrivalled level of customer service and standard of work, and I believe businesses will stay for this reason.

I work with small businesses and medium-sized companies who want to get more from marketing without having to spend a small fortune. If this sounds like you, then I would love to have a chat with you.

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Barrie (FoundUB4) is a freelance digital marketing consultant in Northampton, I work with a wide range of clients to make their voices heard online through SEO and social media.

Simultaneously, I continuously get to know the people behind the company to ensure I provide them with a truly dedicated service as if I worked for them solely in their company.