Social Media Management

I specialise in Facebook/Instagram and TikTok. I’ll help you get more from the social networks where your audience are, not waste time on the ones that don’t

Expert Strategy

Formulating in-depth social media strategies to reach your audience & achieve your goals.

Engaging Content

Curating, writing and posting captivating content across all social platforms.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Creating and managing ads across social platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Auditing Insights

Conducting regular quality checks and performance-based reviews across all platforms.

Community Management

Engaging and communicating with your audience across all social networking channels.

Data Reporting

Monitoring and reporting on the key performance metrics of all your social platforms.

All good things start with a chat...

Social Media Management Consultancy

If you’ve been looking around for someone to help you with your social media marketing, I’m sure you’ve seen an array of social media experts that I’m sure are very good at what they do, but where I pride myself on being different is that I don’t make your company fit into a social media campaign, I create and manage a social media campaign that works WITH your company.

Social Media Specialist

What Makes Barrie at FoundUB4 Different...

  1. I’m not interested in being a “jack of all trades”, I’d rather be a specialist in some. This is why I specialise in Facebook/Instagram and TikTok. I’ll help you get more from the social networks where your audience are, not waste time on the ones that don’t
  2. Every company is different, and so are marketing requirements, which is why I offer affordable social media management that’s bespoke for your needs and budget.
  3. My goals are the same as yours, to generate awareness and conversions, alot of them. which is why I do what’s needed to achieve your targets.
  4. I’m here to help get your business to grow month on month, year on year, which is why I’m here to support you with your social media marketing without spending a fortune.

Social Media Management Services Include


Content Creation

Including high-quality banners, profile images and other graphics to promote your business.

Keep Customers Up-Dated

Let your customers know about offers, events etc., basically anything about your business

Grow Your Audience

I follow the trends in your industry to make sure your content is important to your audience.

Audience Engagement

I will reply to comments, messages and engage with influencers, social media is about being social after all!

Social Paid Ads

I setup and optimise social PPC campaigns that generate leads & sales for your business

Regular ROI Reporting

You'll get regular detailed reports, but I'm only a phone call away if you have any questions meanwhile.

Increasing Traffic From Social Media

Social media and your industry were made for each other. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Between the main social media platform, your ideal customer base lives on social media.

Good social media doesn’t just happen (but should look like it does). By planning a strong social media calendar, you can increase awareness of your brand, leverage the social media audience of your product brands and attract new potential customers.

Through a clever combination of organic social media and targeted advertising, I can implement a stellar social media strategy that builds brand loyalty with existing customers, amplifies your reach and attracts new customers to your business.