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TikTok Advertising

As an experienced TikTok management consultant, I have a clear process that can be tailored to fit your business’ needs and goals, all with the same result: growing your business through TikTok ads.

How am I going to do it? Keep reading.


Active On TikTok

Tiktok Accounts: Profiles, verified profiles, insights and the right content. I will do it all!

Consultancy & Strategy:

I will help you with all types of TikTok advertising, specifically support you in developing and implementing your TikTok strategy, and which content is sensible and feasible at all, so you are able to generate nothing but bright enthusiasm among your target groups. Of course, in line with your marketing goals.

TikTok Ads:

TikTok is the “place to be” of today’s young target group. With the new shooting star among social networks, millions of young people can be reached worldwide. With TikTok we can easily and efficiently lure young people, exactly where Facebook can’t get to and where Instagram is not creative enough.

Mobile App Users:

Use the enormous potential of mobile users to gain them for your mobile app and lead them to the iTunes or Google Play store by targeting and without wastage.

Performance Marketing:

Your products are suitable for generation Z and / or millennials and you want to inspire and sell? I know something about this – TIKTOK makes time.


Get Noticed

Do You TikTok?

My TikTok Management

Advice & Strategy

I start with a tailor-made TikTok Ads strategy: here I take your requirements, goals & budgets into account and determine what is important - everything from simple ads to fully automated and well thought-out campaigns.


This is where the magic happens: Defining target groups Targeting Selection of the creatives/advertising material Retargeting Budgets Timings

Media Planning

This is where the magic happens: Defining target groups Targeting Selection of the creatives/advertising material Retargeting Budgets Timings


Of course, I will also record success and my learnings. At the end of the campaign, I will create a detailed and understandable report regarding campaigns that have been carried out.


Deliver Results

Analytics: Reporting

It’s important that I be able to measure the results of my efforts, and whether you’d like insight into the level of detail I regularly review or prefer weekly/monthly summaries, you can be confident that I strive for results, not just activities.

a.      Daily and Weekly Analytics
I regularly review my dashboards for monitoring metrics such as fan base growth, demographics, post reach, and engagement (retweets, likes, comments etc.). If I notice anything unusual, I collaborate with you to find solutions, and make adjustments accordingly.

b.      Report creation
I will create a summary report for you about my activities and results for the period. Content of the report can be customised depending upon the objectives and any specific campaigns or focus for the time period.



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