Drive Targeted And High Converting Traffic With Facebook Advertising.

FoundUB4 Facebook PPC Advertising service offers the following benefits:

    • Flat monthly management fees.
    • Flexible monthly budgets.
    • Flexible contract terms.
    • Track your return on investment.
    • Target set demographics.

An effective Facebook advertising strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

Grow Social Following & Fan Base

I will create posts, marketing call-to-actions, and other ways to encourage fans to follow and like you.

Increase Engagement

I will create and curate content which is engaging to your fans and encourage them to engage.

Convert Fans Into Customers

I will promote sales, discounts, special offers that lead to potential purchasers, and where possible, track sales resulting from social activities.

Manage Ad Spend

I manage your budget on a daily basis and react to the data with a focus on ROI.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

I can use Facebook advanced targeting features to place ads right in front of the people who matter most, your customers. Driving Leads & Sales.


Saving you long term investment from employing staff

Local Search Strategy

Targeted Facebook advertising strategies

I can use Facebook advanced targeting features to place ads right in front of the people who matter most.


I know what converts well on Facebook, so I will implement a bespoke strategy to get you the best results.


I want you to get results and stay for the right reasons, therefore I don’t tie you in to long-term contracts.


As a freelance Facebook advertising consultant, I’ve had the pleasure of working with companies across a number of industries including, health, beauty, fashion, sports, healthcare, cosmetic surgery, travel, automotive, dating, confectionary, and many more over recent years.


Facebook advertising works, and I would love the opportunity of discussing how I can help your business achieve its goals through the power of Facebook ads.

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Facebook Advertising for Better and Faster Results. Increase Engagement & Sales


Facebook is a global phenomenon, with more than 1.3 billion users. For most of us it is a place to exchange photos and memories with friends, but for small businesses it should also been seen as place which can help them to drive up sales.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses and startup companies fail to see its potential, or do not understand how to utilise the site effectively. While their staff know how to use Facebook for their own purposes, they have haven’t got the first clue about increasing brand awareness and user engagement.

When used correctly, a Facebook business page can draw in clients from around the globe and lead to website hits that actually convert. The key to changing a page that just ticks along into one that grows rapidly and enhances your reputation is quality content.

In the online world, content is king. Whether you run small florists or a medium-sized factory, you should be using social media platforms as a way of seeking out potential customers and actively engaging with them. To do this you need content that sparks their interests and, dare we say, speaks to their hearts.

It doesn’t even need to be content that relates to your own operations. Of course, interesting blogs, photos and videos about what your business is up to is the best way to go, but there are many advantages to taping into the zeitgeist and putting things on Facebook that will appeal to a wider audience than those that have an immediate interest in your products or services.

Facebook is very much a site for sharing. If you can brighten someone’s day with an enlightening blog or photo then they are likely to pass it onto their friends, who in turn will share it with their friends and so on. While all this happening, more people are being drawn to your page, increasing your likes and traffic.

Even if these people are not incentivised enough to buy from you initially, their liking of your page means they will be able to see future posts, which is great if you are planning on ramping up your online marketing strategies in the future.

One thing that many small companies fail to do when they start a social media marketing plan is understand how their fans use the site. Knowing when to post is incredibly important. Facebook traffic is influenced by a number of factors and engagement differs depending on the time of the day.

Knowing what to post and at what time can be the difference between getting traffic that leads to sales or not and that’s why you should consider using a Facebook marketing consultant like Barrie at FoundUB4.

With more than 18 years experience in helping small businesses, Barrie can help you build an engaging profile that generates high quality traffic from Facebook without you having to spend a small fortune.

Call To Action

Inspire the target audience from social networks to visit your website


Encourage dialogue and coverage from influential people and sites


Inspire the target audience to visit your website from social networks

I can help you achieve great results across several key areas including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Social Advertising and Digital Marketing.

I combine creative ideas with my vast experience in search technologies to deliver measurable results for my clients. I can help you engaging them with the clients using social media promotion.

How Can You Help My Business?

The many benefits of a Digital Marketing Consultant and why you can’t ignore this marketing phenomenon:

  • Reach out to an audience that is always switched on and actively searching for your type of business
  • Leap ahead of your competition by using innovative marketing techniques that leave rivals in the shade
  • On-going advice and marketing support that is tailored to your exact needs and business objectives
  • Experience higher conversion rates than ever before through optimised content, smart ‘ethical’ link building and website optimisation
  • Retain existing customers and attract new ones by building trust with your online community through social media marketing

These are just some of the great benefits of internet marketing from Barrie of FoundUB4.

I add even more to these benefits by ensuring no long contracts and no hidden costs, offering versatile online marketing services that grow and evolve with your business, proven marketing techniques that work for businesses of any size and a set of affordable and user-friendly packages.

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