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Barrie Le Gall

Freelance Social Media Consultant

Delivering High Impact Digital Marketing Campaigns

Looking for help and support with your social media activities?
You’ve come to the right place.

Barrie at FoundUB4 delivers bespoke social media services, designed to capture the attention your audience and convert.

Find the perfect fit for your brand. I can help you with…

Packages & Campaigns

Consulting & Strategy

Management & Measurement

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

I specialise in bringing together your social media presences into a unified strategy, that ties in to your business objectives.

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Helping Companies Of All Sizes Succeed Online

  • Are you unsure where to start with your social media activities?
  • Do you struggle to find time to manage your social media accounts?
  • Is your business trying to maintain a competitive edge with the help of an effective social media strategy?
  • Or do you need a helping hand and some expert advice?


If the answer is yes to any of the above then please call Barrie on 07590 329204 to find out how I can help your business generate higher search results, and better social network engagement on your social networks than any of your competitors.



  • Entirely bespoke social media consultancy
  • Experienced in working with companies of all sizes
  • Fully transparent daily management
  • Process / workflow development
  • Graphics, content and technical support on demand



  • Easy to manage monthly retainer
  • (or one off consultancy)
  • Creative & technical resources
  • Custom packages to fit your needs
  • Open lines of communications



  • Full service social media management
  • Initial strategy creation & planning
  • Clear aims & objectives to meet your goals
  • Regular performance reports
  • Social paid media management

Two Ways in which I can handle your Digital marketing



(Have Me Consult Only)



(Have Me Do Everything)

Perfect for added peace of mind.

You need to focus on the big picture of running your business. That’s why you want a freelance digital marketing consultant like Barrie at FoundUB4 to worry about all the details of making a great impression with your customers.


I can provide you with a comprehensive online marketing solution to reach prospects across multiple media platforms, launch appealing new products and/or services, and tie together in the form of a unique, unforgettable brand.


My flexible 30 day rolling agreement means you can pick any service you like, without committing to a 12 or 18 month contract. Simply pay monthly and cancel within 30 days.

What FoundUB4 Do: Get people talking about your products/services Finding and targeting your perfect audience including estimated audience size and costs to advertise through Facebook, Instagram or Google “pay per click” (if required).

What would you like help with?

I''m getting started

I’m new to digital marketing and I’m looking for help setting up campaigns or ensure my campaigns are running correctly.

I want to grow my campaign

I’m already advertising but need help with managing and optimising campaigns to improve performance. I need to increase ROI.

I want maximum results

I’m seeking a consultant who can carry out advanced optimisation and implement strategies to achieve maximum results.

You can often find me doing

Social Media Management

I help you to reach out to customers you would otherwise never find and to get them talking about your brand and doing business with you.

Facebook Marketing

The beauty of a Facebook marketing strategy is that it helps you to build a targeted community that essentially does a lot of the hard work for you.

Social Paid Advertising

Ongoing optimisation and testing, ensuring the best performing ads and copy are reaching the right audiences.

Content Marketing

Creating posts and statuses that promote your own unique website content will mean that when people share your brand and voice.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the largest image-based social media networks, growing rapidly with the younger demographics. It drives a great deal of visual interest, which is especially beneficial for B2C campaigns.

Website Management

I can manage your website to ensure it’s running smoothly, from a new design, or lading page design, I can get your website to perform better than ever before. All for an affordable monthly retainer.


I use innovative, measurable and proven SEO techniques that are designed to bring more business to your door whether you are a small local business or a national organisation.

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