Freelance Social Media Consultant

Building stronger relationships with your customers to help your business grow

Are You

Are you a business looking to improve your marketing strategy, or an eCommerce site looking to generate new customers while retaining your existing ones?

Working With You

To build stronger relationships with your customers. Once you are in touch with your customers and have their support you can grow the business at a much faster pace.

How Much Do I Charge

Barrie at FoundUB4 is a virtual business so have lower overheads than most and therefore can afford to charge around half the amount that the average Social Media agency

It’s not just marketing

I’m Not Here To Play The Game

I’m Here To Change It!

Increasing Your Fan Base, And Boosting Your Brand On-line.

I research both your business and industry intensively to understand where your customers and potential customers are on the web and how you can connect with them. This research never stops.

I will get the necessary social media accounts set up for you, if you do not have them already.

I will then create a two way dialogue with your target audience bring you opportunities for growing your business.

I will help you to develop content that meets the needs of this community and that will bring you attention and respect from your peers and your customers.

I carefully distribute this content on social media platforms and sites to get the widest online reach possible

I work together with you to help you understand more about your customers as social media can have far wider implications for your business than may at first be apparent.

I work openly and transparently and want you to know exactly what you are getting from FoundUB4. I arrange “catch-up” telephone calls every month to keep you updated on the progress, and provide full analytical reports monthly detailing everything you’ll need to see the return on investment.

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Freelance Social Media Consultant

Building Brands Through Social Media Marketing

The most powerful way to grow your business is through word of mouth recommendations. If your friend recommends a product or service to you then you will probably be more inclined to use it.

Social media marketing has made personal recommendations possible through social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

At FoundUB4 Social Media Consultancy the goal of my social media marketing service is to support you in understanding this incredible opportunity to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your potential and existing customers.

I will tap into the conversations that are occurring on the web regarding your industry and enable your brand to join the conversation and become an advocate to your customer base who help you to market your business for long-term success.

Unlike other social media agencies that merely take an idea and run with it, I take the time to get to know each of my clients. Doing this gives me the ability to communicate effectively in a way that directly addresses topics relevant to the nature of your company, the types of products and/or services offered and the scope of the competition in their industry.

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Flexible monthly budgets tailored around your needs and no long contracts.

Call me on 07590 329204 to start the conversation

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