Can a social media consultant really understand my business?

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It’s an often-asked question, and usually when a defensive (or occasionally argumentative) posture has been adopted. Sometimes it’s a plea to be convinced; other times a test of the confidence levels of the person providing the answer.

It might not even be quite the right question

A better one might be: “How much about my business should a social media consultant understand?” It’s not always a question of the quantity of knowledge, but rather of quality and relevancy.

There’s no point understanding all the intricate business details that have no relation to the work of a social media consultant.

An expert in social media marketing will work with you to understand as much about your business as is relevant to the tasks they undertake for you.

That might well include some background knowledge, but there is no need for them to know as much about every single facet of your business as you do.

Understanding the salient points

A professional will work to gain a detailed knowledge of key areas such as:

• Exactly what your business does and the key reasons for this

• Who, specifically, your current target market is

• Why past customer groups no longer use your products or services

• What additions there might be to your prospective customer base

• The current and likely future actions of your competitors

• How you wish and expect your small business to change and develop

• How your products, services and business are both used and perceived

Putting information to practical use

Using all the wisdom gained, your consultant then creates a cohesive and coherent online marketing strategy to move your business forward. Social media messages are targeted to specific groups. Each is clearly focused on what they want to know – and then tells them this in ways they will respond to. Website visitors are captured and converted, after powerful SEO techniques have delivered them to you to achieve this.

Barrie at FoundUB4 is one such social media consultant with the expertise and experience to really understand your business in the right way, and put that knowledge to good use. He can analyse all relevant aspects of your business, including target audience, and ensure your social media is working to let prospective customers know about you and your services.

I am the founder of a freelance social media consultancy company (FoundUB4) in the UK that offers companies a bespoke social media management service that delivers the results needed to succeed.

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