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3 reasons why great content and digital marketing go hand-in-hand

Whether you’re a digital marketing expert or brand-new to the world of SEO and social media advertising, you’re likely already aware that content is essential. When it comes to really getting your business out there, paid-for advertising may be a great way to get those visitors on-board quickly, but that extra hook is needed to keep them keen and push them to go from observer to customer.

Why is great content so important to your digital plan? Here are just a few of the reasons why investing in excellent content should be a significant part of your ongoing marketing:

Relevant and informative content positions you as the expert

Whether your niche is creating beautiful jewellery, designing amazing websites or offering local services, you want to be seen as an expert in your specific market.

That’s where content comes in. With well-written, valuable, and informative content, you can position yourself as an expert within your field.

Whether it’s providing e-guides on specific topics, filling up your blog content with useful tips and tricks, or simply providing detailed insight on your products and services.

Great content can make a considerable amount of difference to the success of your digital marketing if done right.

Google wants your website to be content-rich

While your specific customer base is the people you’re trying to reach, you have to appease Google’s algorithms and bots before you can get there.

More than ever, search engines are putting the focus on websites that have high value to searchers. In terms of what this means in non-jargon speak, it refers to sites that have content that’s relevant, well-written, and on-point for your specific audience.

If you want to get your business seen organically, then great content should be step one in your digital marketing plan.

Building trust and encouraging conversions

While pay-per-click advertising may be successful in terms of getting customers to your website, it’s your content that acts as the hook and improves that retention rate – leading to higher conversions over time.

The purpose of content is to encourage your audience to connect with your brand and website, whether you’re solving their problems through a product or offering a service that’s valuable to them.

Spell it all out, and you’re far more likely to see that visitor become a customer.

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