Community Management

Lets build a community and let more people know about your business

Give Something Back To Your Customers

There are so many ways to engage with your audience using social media.


Give your customers an incentive, make them laugh, make them think and provoke their interests. The best campaigns are the original ideas that tap into the mindset of your audience.


I will take the time to find out more about your business and what makes your audience tick. This attention to detail will ensure your social media efforts run like clockwork.

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It’s about being part of the community

My Community Management services take your social media optimisation to the next level.


I can help you to grab the undivided attention of your target audience, enticing them to interact with you and share their experience of your brand with others. By managing your social media communities and engaging with them on a daily basis, you can form long-lasting relationships with your customers and generate exciting new leads.


Whether you already have an established social media presence or you are just starting out, FoundUB4 can help.


I have been using social media marketing and optimisation for years and know the tricks and techniques that will get your brand noticed and people talking about you.

My community management services include:


  • Total management of your social media community pages and accounts
  • Creation of new pages and social media marketing campaigns
  • Reputation and brand management through engaging social media updates and posts
  • Management of social media community members
  • Management of your social media inbox and forwarding of direct enquiries received
  • Scheduled pre-written content to any of your social media accounts
  • Full, weekly social media KPI reporting & ongoing phone support.


Lets have a chat about how I can help your social media generate the results you’ve been looking for.

Bespoke Community Management

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I tailor my social media community management services to the exact needs of your business.


Perhaps you need to target leads in your local area and are looking to spread the word about special offers or discounts. Or perhaps you are looking to reach more customers across the country or from a specific demographic.


Bespoke community management services like those offered at FoundUB4 help you to reach out to customers you would otherwise never find and to get them talking about your brand and doing business with you.

Social media marketing works. You only have to look at the major retail brands to see just how effective it can be. Of course, for social media to be effective, it needs constant attention and monitoring and that can take you away from the running of your business.


By handing over the reins to FoundUB4, you can take care of your day to day operations whilst I ensure your social media community continues to thrive and bring in lots of new business for you.

In addition to community management and social media optimisation, I can also help you with search engine optimisation and getting your website and brand in front of more receptive leads than ever before – these are people that are actively seeking you out on Google and other major search engines.


Let’s get started today. With the right combination of online marketing, branding and engagement, your business will go on to do amazing things.

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