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Marketing is all about connections. Connecting the right message with your target audience, connecting your solution with their pain point, and connecting your business goals with the desired results.

Here at FoundUB4, I’m a pro at making connections (fun fact: my favourite hobby is Dot-to-Dot). I’ll help you define who your most lucrative target audience is, develop messaging that speaks to them directly, position your product or service as THE can’t-live-without solution, and make it easy for them to engage and buy.


Once I’m able to dig in a little deeper, I’ll create a customised plan of attack that makes sense for your audience, your industry, and your goals. It could be a mix of product development, market research, branding, seo, and content marketing.

Connections are also about relationships. And my relationship with my clients is both a priority and a point of pride.


So, let’s start making connections, and watch your business grow.

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How I Can Help You Become Better Than Your Competitors!

Community Management

Total Management Of Your Community Pages And Accounts

Social Media Management

Affordable > Reliable Social Media Management With Full Reporting.

Search Engine Optimization

Local & National SEO Services For Companies / Budgets Of All Sizes.

Small Business Marketing

I Work With Small Business & Start-ups To Make Successful Companies

Content Marketing

I Create & Share Your Content To Get More Traffic To Your Blog.

Google AdWords

I Will Ensure You Get More Traffic From Google PPC At A Lower Cost Per Click.

Social PPC Advertising

I Will Ensure You Get The Most From Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

Web Development

I Can Design & Build You An Affordable Converting WordPress Website.

Brand Monitoring

I Monitor & Protect Your Brand On-line With Live Tracking.

I Can Help

Step 1: Defining Your Product or Service

What’s the big idea? This is where you educate me – about your products, your services, and what makes you tick as a company. I listen carefully and work with you to define the customer experience – from first contact to maintenance and retention.

Step 2: Understanding Your Market

Where does it hurt? You have the solution – the key is to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. It’s all about research. My job is to work with you to identify the clients and customers who need and want what you have to offer, analyse your competitors, and find the sweet spot where long-term customer relationships grow.

Step 3: Identifying and Engaging Your Target Customers

So what? Now that we know what’s special about you, the matchmaking begins. Winning clients and customers is a courtship process, and I’ve got you covered from first date to going steady. Like any healthy relationship, it’s a two-way street. I’ll listen more than I talk, and build trust the old fashioned way through dialogue and evidence-based decisions.

Step 4: Creating Your On-line Promotion Strategy

What do YOU need? There’s a lot of noise out there. I don’t sell you a canned marketing strategy full of check boxes – I draw on years of experience and a sincere belief in what you do and create a tailored and tactical approach to marketing your product or service.


FoundUB4 offers a full slate of integrated services

Step 5: Analytics – Measuring and Assessing Results

Where’s the beef? my work here is done when I can show you – on paper – the tangible results of your investment. Whether it’s pageviews, website visits, conversion of prospects, or the bottom line, I’m confident that FoundUB4’s marketing strategies quite literally pay off. I’ll work with you to set goals and meet them, tweaking plans and tactics along the way.

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