How to Analyse Your Campaign Results for Maximum Insights

How to Analyse Your Campaign Results for Maximum Insights

So you’ve been running Facebook and social media ads for a while now, but are your results really telling you everything you need to know?

While checking your numbers and seeing sales, clicks or leads roll in is a good start, there’s so much more hidden data lurking in your analytics that could be the key to supercharging your campaigns.

As your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing maestro Barrie from FoundUB4, it pains me to see businesses not getting the full picture from their ads. So today I’m spilling all my secrets on how to analyse your campaign results like a pro and maximise every last morsel of insight.

Are you ready to take your results to the next level? Then keep reading!

The Problem: Just Scratching the Surface

It’s all well and good glancing at your basic metrics like spend, impressions or clicks. But if that’s as far as your analysis goes, you’re really only scratching the surface of what your ads can tell you.

Without digging deeper, how do you know which ad creatives, targeting options or day/time periods are really driving the bulk of your successes? Which areas could do with some optimising?

You might be leaving money on the table by not homing in on what specifically makes certain campaigns soar above the rest. And worse still, spending money on ads or targeting that’s just not cutting it.

The hidden data is there, you just need to know how to expose it!

The Solution: A Deeper Dive Into the Analytics

To crack open your ads’ full potential, it’s time to put on your detective hat and conduct a thorough analysis across 4 key pillars:

1. Ad Performance

Drill down into each individual ad to see which ones are converting best. Flag weak performers that might need reworking or retiring.

Analyse metrics like CTR, cost per result, frequency and device stats to see what’s connecting most with your audience. This will reveal your top converting creative formulas.

2. Audiences

Compare customer demographics, interests and behaviors between best and worst performing campaigns. Overlay location targeting to see what regions or cities have the most receptive audiences.

Iterate your targeting based on proven profiles rather than generic interests. Micro-segment your ads and allocate more budget where it counts most.

3. Placements

Check placement metrics like reach, frequency and CPM between Facebook News Feed ads vs Instagram Stories, for example.

This exposes where your ads are achieving the best engagement and which placements deserve more love going forward. Always optimize towards your higher converting channels.

4. Day/Time

Analyse the delivered columns of your detailed reports against days and times. Lean on machine learning to automatically expand impressions during your campaigns’ “golden hours”.

This ensures the right people see your ads at optimal timings when they’re most receptive, primed and ready to take action.

The Results: Actionable Insights For Growth

Following this four pillar approach will expose a wealth of learnings lurking within your data, helping you ask smarter questions and uncover opportunities across:

  • Creative concepts that cut through versus ones needing tweaks
  • Target audiene profiles most likely to convert
  • Social placement channels amplifying your brand best
  • Optimal days and times aligning ads to consumer behaviour

Armed with these actionable insights, your future campaigns should perform much stronger right out of the gate. You’ll be able to fine-tune targeting, boost budgets and develop creatives with proven formulas of success.

Growth will come from focusing where you know your brand and messaging already shines bright, not generic guessing. Analyse, learn, optimise, repeat – it’s a continuous cycle!

So what are you waiting for? Get digging into those reports and watch your results explode with FoundUB4 insights. Remember, I’m always here if you need help putting your fresh learnings into action for maximum impact.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Otherwise, happy analysing and I look forward to your success stories.

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