Barrie Le Gall

The best way to get the word out there these days is through digital marketing.

Is your business struggling with digital marketing?

Wondering how best to find qualified prospects and convert them into leads

You need a result-driven expert on your team with over 19 years experience in marketing online who knows exactly what you can do to make your marketing shine

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Maidstone Digital Marketing Expert

Client Testimonials

“Barrie is highly personable, really helpful and very knowledgeable in his field. He listens to the brand challenges, proposes solutions and then fulfils the activity. If there is a problem he addresses it straight away and is easily contactable. I would recommend Barrie for any brand looking to increase their online presence.”
“Barrie was great, not only at getting content out there to new audiences but also at creating and innovating new content, he has great energy and determination for any project he truly believes in and really gives it his all, going above and beyond the service we expected.”
“Since joining up with FoundUB4, my business has grown steadily. Barrie is always there if i need to catch for a chat or ask a question. Looking forward to working with Barrie for the foreseeable future. Would highly recommend.”
Do you have a small business or enterprise that could benefit from better SEO and social marketing?

Digital marketing is the best way to get the word out there these days.

I’ve worked with both large and small businesses across the country to improve their online presence by providing both strategic plans as well as hands-on support.

Review my testimonials online to learn more about projects I’ve worked on.

If you’re ready to work with a digital marketing expert in your area, contact me today and we can schedule an initial consultation to get started.

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I can help you with evaluation, planning, implementation and analysis of your marketing efforts. I have 19 years experience with a variety of clients.

Facebook Ads

Social Media

I can connect with your ideal client and share offers tailored to them. I will provide you with all the leads, conversions and sales from our social media connections.


Search Engine Marketing

As an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I am passionate about making sure that it is implemented correctly, to help the quality and quantity of organic traffic.

Why Work With Me

19 Years Experience

In digital marketing both agency & client side. (SEO & Social Media)

11 years Freelancing

Must be doing something right, I've still got my 1st client.

I Don't Outsource

All work is done by myself only, I don't hire juniors or freelancers

You Get True Value

I always deliver way more value than I charge for.

Trusted By

Many companies over the years, here’s a few of them