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Freelance Internet Marketing & Social Media Consultant

  • Are you looking for an on-line marketing consultant to help your company grow?
  • Someone who can setup, build, and maintain your social networks on your behalf, and help get you up the Google search results?
  • Do you need help creating and managing a SEO or social media strategy that will actually work?
  • Would you like all this but worry you won’t be able to afford it?
  • Well, you can have all this, and it’s affordable too!


Since 2010, I’ve been helping 100’s of companies get the most from Search & Social Media.

Social Media Management

My Social Media Management services take your social media optimisation to the next level. I can help you to grab the undivided attention of your target audience, enticing them to interact with you and share their experience of your brand with others.

Facebook Advertising

I Will Ensure You Get The Most From Facebook Advertising.

Google AdWords

I Will Ensure You Get More Traffic From Google PPC At A Lower Cost Per Click.

Search Engine Optimization

I can help your website to be found and continue to be found by your target audience from Google search. When people are looking for a business like yours online, they are receptive to your marketing message and in the mood to buy from your business.

Community Management

Total Management Of Your Community Pages And Accounts.

Website Development

I Can Design & Build You An Affordable Converting WordPress Website.

Website Management

For those that want to focus on their business, and leave the worries of the internet behind, I can manage your website to ensure it’s running smoothly, from a new design, or lading page design, I can get your website to perform better than ever before.

4 Small Businesses

I Work With Small Business & Start-ups.

Brand Management

I Monitor & Protect Your Brand On-line With Live Tracking.

Powerful On-line Marketing Services

If you want to get your business noticed online and attract a wider audience, you simply must include online marketing in your marketing strategy.

Freelance Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is now more than just a way to show your friends a picture of your dinner, instead it can provide an effective way to advertise your business. I have expert knowledge in how to target a social media campaign to gain the interest of your customers and direct traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Even the smallest of businesses can make a big impression! Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the key to being found by your customers. I have built up extensive knowledge in the area of keyword rich content and with my help you can transform your website from having mediocre traffic to being high on the rankings list.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a method to communicate to your customers. Rather than just delivering the latest news to your target market, by having high quality content on your site you will be able to actually engage your readers and entice them into making a purchase or ordering your service.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable marketing service that will strive to give you the results you need then look no further.


With dedication, passion and of course the key skills and knowledge FoundUB4  know exactly how to best market your business, no matter the target market. So, why not give me a call today and see how we can help you get your business firmly on the digital map?
With the right marketing you can achieve the success that you always dreamed of.

Fire up your business

Web marketing is an important aspect of running any successful business.


Whether you are a large multinational corporation offering a global service or perhaps a small start-up selling unique and interesting products, the fact remains that no-one will use your services or products if they can’t find you!


Here at FoundUB4 I understand not only the value of on-line marketing but some of the best ways to go about getting your name out there. I provide full digital marketing services to a variety of companies that need help in advertising and promoting their brand.


I provide a range of different marketing services to ensure that your business get’s noticed and drives forward to success.

Website Management

When You Work With Me, I’ll…

  • Formulate a bespoke strategy to get your brand noticed and your audience engaged and connected with your content.
  • Offer social network marketing across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube to increase your online exposure, selling your products or services in a balanced way.
  • Improve audience awareness about your brand.
  • Provide Google SEO for a variety of flexible monthly budgets to suit your needs

Call me on 07590 329204, or use the contact form to get in touch.
A successful and affordable social media campaign is just a click away!

Although I don’t tie anyone into any long contracts, many of my clients have stayed with me since the beginning!