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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Many businesses are reluctant to outsource a Digital Marketing Expert because you’re essentially putting your business’ image into someone else’s hands – and that can be extremely scary!

All of your hard work building your business is suddenly going to be in the hands of someone else, but I promise it’s worth it!

Take a look at these reasons for outsourcing a digital marketing expert.

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Marketing Is A
Full-Time Job

From getting the right wording on your Facebook post to choosing the right hashtags, there’s nothing quick about the marketing world. If things aren’t done right then your business won’t be noticed, it’s as simple as that!

Running a business is no easy feat, and understandably takes up a lot of your precious time. Outsourcing a digital marketing expert such as myself will free up that all-important time for you to concentrate on other pressing matters.

Marketing these days requires a broad range of skills and abilities, from being able to write fluently to creating graphical content that’s going to stand out from the crowd. These skills can take years to learn and perfect.

Even simple things such as replying to potential customers and interacting with those that comment on your social media content takes up more time than you think.

Hiring an Expert
Will Save you Money

One of the biggest reasons people also don’t want to hire a Digital Marketing Expert is the cost.

You may have the knowledge on how to use social media and the ability to create well-worded posts, but that isn’t enough to turn your followers into customers.

The skills that social media consultants learn have taken years to understand and more importantly, get it right.

Hiring someone who knows what they’re doing from the get go will save you money in the long run and provide you with instantaneous results.

Digital Marketing
Experts Understand SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is so important in the online world in this day and age.

To get yourself noticed, to have customers land on your website before any of your competitors, or even to attract viewers to your online video guide you need to use impeccable SEO.

SEO is also very useful on social media (essentially, hashtags are a form of SEO). Use the right SEO = drive followers to your website/e-commerce store or shop.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook & Instagram

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You Need An Expert // Its That Simple

Social Media

Social media in this day and age is extremely complex and very competitive.

Being noticed amongst the thousands of other brands trying to do exactly the same thing as you are is a tough task that only an experienced marketing expert can tackle.

Did you know that we’re exposed to thousands of adverts per day?

Simply posting good content on social media isn’t going to drive a lot of sales.

Why? Every business has a target audience, and you need to make sure that your social media presence is being seen by your target audience too.

Doing this requires in-depth knowledge of PPC adverts and hashtags, all whilst still making your content interesting enough to grab someone’s attention.

Composing well-written and strategic content that will be noticed by your target audience is exactly what I can offer.

Brand Consistency
Is So Important

A huge mistake that many businesses make is failing to keep any consistency in their social media marketing.

While the images and videos they use are aesthetically pleasing, failing to remain true to your branding will prevent you from turning views into sales.

Think about your favourite brand – you’d know an advert of theirs from a mile away right?!

That’s because their marketing team has consistently produced social media and marketing content that’s going to cut through the noise of other similar brands, but also remained a recognisable brand.

Digital Marketing Experts are fluent in brand consistency! If you’re not sure what your ‘brand image’ is at the moment, I can help you develop that too.

As you can see, hiring a Digital Marketing Expert such as myself would save you time, money, energy and produce engaging content that will help turn interested followers into dedicated customers.

Give me a call on 07590 329204 to talk through what areas of the marketing world you’d like some help with!

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