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Are you struggling with your digital marketing?

Maybe you can’t get the right visitors to your website? Or maybe you’re failing to convert site visitors into leads and sales?

Perhaps you’ve got a customer loyalty issue where they just aren’t coming back?

Or your social media is really… well, not very social, and you want your Facebook & Instagram to start generating a return on your investment.

If that sounds familiar and you need some help in plain English, then you’re in the right place.

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I'm Barrie

I have worked with everyone over the past 10 years, from small local businesses and startups, thru to global brands such as Coca-Cola and Fanta, and in industries as diverse as crypto currencies, consumer goods, retail, transport, home design, healthcare, hospitality and lead generation companies.

Put simply, there’s no industry that I’m not comfortable in, and with the promise of no hidden extras, you can rest assured that you’re paying for first class services and nothing else.8

I don't just create strategies, I generate results

I offer a selection of digital marketing consultant services that range from website marketing, social media marketing, SEO through to targeted paid advertising that will give you great exposure and returns whilst allowing you to maintain control of your marketing budget.


As your social media expert, the other part of my job is to ensure that social media activity generates sales/leads. You know, the ones where people want to buy stuff from your business!

I manage your Facebook and/or Instagram PPC budget on a daily basis and react to the data with a focus on ROI. There’s no point having a campaign that doesn’t work!

Converting a social fan to buying customer is your ultimate goal, and all of my activities are designed to move customers down that path. 

I will create and curate content for posting to Instagram, making sure that you stay in front of your fans and followers and grow your awareness.

I work solely with each client and don’t outsource work to third parties. You’ll receive a dedicated and devoted service to help you deliver solutions for your company.

Make your content easily accessible to search engines. I’m ready to implement solutions to boost your rankings and improve your performance from organic search results.

So, what can FoundUB4 do for my business?

Barrie at FoundUB4 have been delivering best-in-class digital marketing services to my clients for over 10 years. I’ve still got my first client, so I must be doing something right.

Basically, I get results. That’s it.

Brand Awareness

I generate brand awareness, basically, I showcase your business to the people who would be interested in what you offer and likely to buy.

Fully Managed

I don’t take anyone on as a client and outsource your work to someone in another country.  Everything is done by me. That’s a promise!

Growing Your Business

I can help you with as much as you like.  If you need someone to work on just your ads, that’s cool, if you want help with all your marketing, that’s amazing too!

How am I going to do it? Keep reading!

Barrie Le Gall

Barrie Le Gall (aka: Found U B4)

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I know the words ‘Digital Marketing Consultant’ sound a bit scary but I’m just a normal guy with a passion for all things digital.

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