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Your digital advertising campaigns perform better with me managing them.

I specialise in digital advertising at FoundUB4, which means I deliver superior results compared to generalists. My primary objective is to fulfill your online ambitions, whether it's generating more leads or sales, enhancing ROI, or reducing Cost Per Conversions. My approach concentrates on actual objectives and concrete data, steering clear of vanity metrics.

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FoundUB4 Ltd. Since 2010

Hi, I'm Barrie Le Gall

Hi, I'm Barrie, the mastermind behind FoundUB4. With over 20 years of firsthand experience, I've solidified my stance in the digital marketing realm, helping numerous businesses amplify their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.


At FoundUB4, I’m dedicated to providing top-notch digital marketing services that effectively reach and engage your target audience. My ability to stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry allows me to deliver pioneering marketing solutions for my clients.

Who I Work With

At FoundUB4, I work with a broad range of businesses, from start-ups to established enterprises, who are seeking to enhance their online presence, drive traffic, and amplify their bottom line through strategic digital marketing efforts.

Barrie Le Gall - Social Media Consultant

"Unleash your business's potential with me – where over two decades of digital marketing mastery meets cutting-edge strategies, driving unparalleled online visibility, engagement and growth. Let's shape your success story, together."

Your Social Ad Spend is an Investment, Not an Expense.

Let’s Maximise its Returns.

Seamless Service Integration

My service integrates with your business process smoothly.

Real Results Focus

I focus on key metrics like ROAS, not just likes and shares.

Boost Brand Visibility

My ad strategies significantly increase your online presence.

Coordinated Campaigns

I manage and coordinate all your social ad campaigns.

Do you recognise this?

That's where
I come in

As Barrie, an experienced digital advertising consultant, I am adept at turning these challenges into opportunities for growth. I can help optimise your ad spend and craft effective Google and META paid adverts that resonate with your target audience.

Moreover, I can restructure your social media strategy to better engage your audience and turn your online presence into sales. But there’s more. I also focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategies to ensure your website visitors are not just passing by, but are transformed into loyal customers.

By working together, we can turn your challenges into a strategic action plan that enhances your ROI and propels your business towards digital success.

What people say about me

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We have been working with Barrie for over a year now, and I can honestly say it's been the best business decision I've made.
We looked at various companies including larger national companies and on speaking to contacts in the business community, that direction of using a larger company was a choice I decided against and I'm so glad that I did.

FoundUB4 is a small intimate business but you get that personal service that you certainly don't get with a bigger company who have the 'you're just another client' attitude. Barrie has evidenced time and time again that nothing is too much trouble, he has a daily personal goal to grow my sales and company profile and his hard work and dedication is certainly paying off.

Barrie is always researching and recommending new ideas and projects to further grow and promote our business, things I would never think of which regularly emphasises to me that the social media world is an area of expertise and is worth every penny we spend on it a month.

As my business gets bigger and expands I'm regularly having to make changes, but using Barrie and FoundUB4 is certainly something I would never change.
Andrew Coppin profile picture Andrew Coppin
eCommerce Client
Very professional, knows what he is doing. He was always happy to explain the process and help along the way to turn the campaign into a success.
Nina Koutibashvili
eCommerce Client
My customers really do like the website and the social media content, which Barrie can throw in some really good humour as well as interesting news for my industry.
Leon Webster
Driving School Owner
Barrie know his targets. Barrie is great at finding new markets and customers. It’s like he knows everyone he’s that good.
Rodney Swipes
Lead Generation Client

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