FoundUB4 has been actively involved in Facebook advertising campaigns with clients in for a number of years. This means we are well adept at understanding what works and what doesn’t, and how trends have evolved over time.

Facebook Ads

Barrie Le Gall

With all clients, I first sit down and understand what it is you offer, and what it is that makes your brand unique.


I then set to work developing marketing content that is engaging and that will stand out in customer news feeds.


My daily management service then allows us to track the performance of these ads and make constant tweaks to improve efficiency and returns on your investment.


Many Facebook marketing agencies tie you down for a fixed long-term contract, but this is not the way FoundUB4 work. I understand that your business and your marketing plan is dynamic and evolving.


Once I develop a campaign and strategy that works, you can implement and continue to use this yourself (if you wish). This policy of no long contracts helps me help more and more clients to build successful Facebook Advertising campaigns.


Depending on your exact needs, I am able to implement a tailored approach to your marketing campaign to drive the required results. I specialise in ads that generate local or national awareness for your business; those that create engagement and interaction with your target audience, as well as high-quality Facebook lead generation.

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