Why Choose Barrie

My flexible 30 day rolling social media consultancy contracts mean you can pick any service you like, without committing to a 12 or 18 month contract. Simply pay monthly and cancel within 30 days. Perfect for added peace of mind.

If you’d like to speak to me by phone, don’t hesitate to call 07590 329204

Do you really need a social media strategy?

So you need a social media marketing strategy – don’t let anyone tell you any different. 

And I’m not talking about posting a cute cat video once a week on Facebook or Instagram with the hope that your customers think you’re as adorable as said cat.

You need to figure out where you target audience (you do know who that is, right?) is hanging out on the internet – is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other online nook you’re not yet aware of?  

I can help you by creating and manage a strategy that will actually work, that will put you in front of your target audience.


I also need to make sure your brand message is one that will resonate with your target market on social media. 

  • What information are they looking for? 
  • What problem can you solve for them?
  • And where do they want to find the solution?

Finally, I’ll uncover which social media channels are the best match for your website conversion process. 

The real goal is to get consistent traffic of buyers headed to your site so I want to make certain that I’m catching your target at a time when they’re likely to buy and make it easy for them to do so, wherever they are.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Scope of my services

Without getting too deep here, the internet, like the universe, is constantly expanding. There are new tools, new sites, new platforms, new rules, and new galaxies being discovered all the time. 

But before you get overwhelmed thinking your site is going to get sucked into the black hole of online oblivion,

I can help. By developing a social media strategy that is active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical, I’ll put down some objectives and metrics that will make your website perform as if the Force is with you.

6 Steps To A Successful Campaign

Time To Shut Up & Listen

And that time is now. Being a good listener is an invaluable tool and never more so than in social media. You can learn a lot by listening to what your customers are saying – not just about your brand but about your competitors, and other things they value or are turned off by. And speaking of competitors, it’s also important to listen to what messages they’re pumping out and where they’re turning up.

Stay Focused

You can’t be all things to all people nor can you accomplish all your goals in one campaign. You’ll be far more effective if you choose one goal, maybe two, TOPS, for your social media strategy. Do that, do it well. Then move on to slay the next dragon.

Are We There Yet?

To figure out how successful we’ve been with our social media strategy, I need to define what success really means to your business. Is it more sales? Is it sign-ups? Downloads? Likes? How will you measure return on investment?

Know Thy Customer

I need to know who your target audience is if I’m going to find them online. It’s crucial to understand their demographic, their wants, needs, challenges, and interests. Then I can craft a message they’re going to hear loud and clear in a place where they want to hear it.

People First

Social media is just that, social. That means people interacting with other people, so to be successful you need to be sure your company is acting like a person, not a corporate entity. It’s important to start thinking about how you can express the human elements of your brand even if you’re in the B2B market because believe it or not, they’re people too.

Create A Channel Plan

Once I understand your audience and your message, I need to create a tactical plan for how, where and when we’re going to reach out to on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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