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Getting your brand out there in the world of social media is only part of the story.
Social Media Marketing Consultant

I don’t have many clients

it's true, I don't

Some social media consultants treat clients like football swap cards, gotta get ’em all!  It’s certainly one way to fill the coffers, but I don’t do that.

At any one time, I have very few clients.  Call me old-fashioned, but it’s the only way I’ve found to devote the quality time necessary to provide my clients with the best social media management service possible.

You won’t believe how much productivity rockets when you spend more time working on fewer campaigns, but I think you’ll love the results.

Everyone in the social media world knows that the golden rule is to tie-in clients for as long as possible.  Get them to sign on the dotted line for a year or two so that the money keeps rolling in regardless of results.

While you’re a social media client of mine, I will work my socks off for you to get the results you want.  You can bet your smarties on that.  But if I fall short in any way, you’re welcome to leave at any time.  No penalty fees, no tantrums, just a polite parting 🙂

I mean, what’s the point of making someone work with you, or charging them to leave.  It’s a recipe for disaster. 

There are companies out there who say they can do your Social Media for £100 a month or less.  I’ve not idea what they are doing for this.  Either they are paying their staff peanuts or they aren’t spending much time on your campaign.

I don’t have a one-size fits all approach either,  I look at factors such as your industry competitiveness and how your company is currently performing.  I will then make a no-obligation pitch for you to work with me based on what I would like to do for a strategy and what it will cost to implement and manage it on an on-going basis.

Social Media Marketing

more than posting photos
of cute kittens

Getting your brand out there in the world of social media is only part of the story.

Sure, it’s great to see people liking, following and sharing your social media content. But, what good is all that effort if nobody is buying anything from you?

As your social media expert, the other part of my job is to ensure that social media activity generates sales or leads.

You know, the ones where people want to buy stuff from your business! 

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the social media consultant you've been looking for

Are You On Social Media?

not getting the
results you need?

If there’s no engagement happening with your content then you may need to review what’s working and what isn’t.

Building a successful social media strategy takes time and commitment, especially to stand out from the crowd and get your Facebook & Instagram heard and images/videos seen above the competition.

That’s where I can help

I can market your content and enable you to connect with your target audience in an accurate and timely way.

I’m looking for a company that wants to have the best social media campaign.  Will it be your company?

A Few Companies I've Worked With

Russel PlatelWimbledon Driving School
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Very good experience. Barrie works hard on our account for over 9 years and is always responsive to any requests or explanations I might need. Happy to recommend.
Suzanne PeckHomefield Grange Spa
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If you’re in need of a professional, who takes time and makes the effort to truly understand the wants and needs of your marketing, then Barrie is your choice.
Paris Michaelides@My Little Panda
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Barry helps us, achieve our goals plus understand social media much better than anyone we use before. We will use again.

Why Choose FoundUB4

Over 18 Years of Experience In Social Media Marketing

Barrie at FoundUB4 have a range of testimonials from the past 18 years, gained after helping various brands create digital marketing strategies.

Whether you want to improve your social media channels or need help optimising your search engine efforts, my process will help you deliver results for your business.

FoundUB4s’ contracts roll on a flexible, monthly basis, allowing you to choose the service or services which will help you meet your business goals. So no long contracts here!

Content Gets Engaging

I don’t do aggressive sales or rubbish social media posts, that’s just not right. I provide an engaging social media service that encourages your audience.

The Right Platform

Facebook & Instagram content can increase your traffic in a short period of time. I can help you determine the most suitable type of content and platform for your brand.

Your Fanbase Grows

Growing a following and fan base will help increase the reach for social media activities. It will increase the potential for virility to occur on popular posts, thus exponentially increases the audience for my messages.

Engagement Increases

A high quality, targeted fan base will be open to engage with you but finding the right types of posts and carefully planning an appropriate mix of promotional versus informative posts will critical to increasing engagement.

I Turn Fans Into Customers

Sometimes fans aren’t ready to buy just yet, but moving them along in your sales funnel is your goal. Encouraging fans to register for a blog, free download, or event can grow your leads and increase your options for contacting them later.

You Get More Sales

Converting a social fan to buying customer is your ultimate goal, and all of my activities are designed to move customers down that path. Special coupon promotions or sales on social media can lead to immediate purchases. Better yet, when people share their purchase activity, the sales can snowball.

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