Social PPC Advertising

I’ll be using Facebook / Instagram and its scarily detailed demographics searching to look for your target audience in a certain age range looking for the products or services you offer.

Social PPC

Facebook & Instagram will allow us to run many little tests in our first few months together.


Naturally, some won’t perform very well, but I’m looking for 2 or 3 that are ‘home runs’. From there, I’ll scale up the audience knowing you have the magic formula.

There are many ways we will approach your Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaign, but unless we are targeting the right audience then it will be a disaster. Here is a rundown of how we can scale your marketing on Facebook / Instagram to optimise results:

Step 1: getting to know you

Before we get started, I need to understand exactly who we’re trying to target, what they might be interested in and how they might respond to certain things. It’s unlikely you’ll know exact answers but it’s just to give me a starting point

Step 2: sample ads

You need to feel comfortable. It’s vital that you are happy with the language we’re using, the ad copy and the images I’m using. Sometimes odd combinations and weird, out of the box ideas are the most effective but I’ll never run anything against your wishes. Once approved…

Step 3: start running ads

I will get going as soon as possible, then add more campaigns over the coming days. The idea behind this is to get you used to the traffic, the email volume and the level of enquiries. It’s no good us turning the traffic tap on max when you’re struggling to handle the first lot of enquiries.

Step 4: ongoing revisions

There’s a concept called “ad blindness“. It’s where you see the same ad again and again and as a result, you start to tune it out. It might even help you massively and be exactly what you’re looking for but for whatever reason, your brain ignores it.

Step 5: going forward

Over time, I’ll start to notice which types of ads, markets, platforms and targeting is actually producing customers.

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