[image_with_text image=”531″ title=”Jim Bluck – Commercial Director”]

We engaged with FoundUB4 6 months ago , during this time Barrie has assisted developing our social media platforms with his extensive knowledge within this field.

Listens, gets to understand your business and created a schedule of postings. As a business we’ve taken on Barrie’s thoughts and suggestions with a view to implementing them into different parts of our business.

In short, value for money and an easy all round good guy to get on with.


[image_with_text image=”527″ title=”Leon Webster – Owner”]

Since joining up with FoundUB4, my business has grown steadily. Barrie is always there if i need to catch for a chat or ask a question. Looking forward to working with Barrie for the foreseeable future. Would highly recommend.


[image_with_text image=”529″ title=”Andy Coppin – Owner”]

We have been working with Barrie for over a year now, and I can honestly say it’s been the best business decision I’ve made.


We looked at various companies including larger national companies and on speaking to contacts in the business community, that direction of using a larger company was a choice I decided against and I’m so glad that I did. FoundUB4 is a small intimate business but you get that personal service that you certainly don’t get with a bigger company who have the ‘you’re just another client’ attitude.

Barrie has evidenced time and time again that nothing is too much trouble, he has a daily personal goal to grow my sales and company profile and his hard work and dedication is certainly paying off.

Barrie is always researching and recommending new ideas and projects to further grow and promote our business, things I would never think of which regularly emphasises to me that the social media world is an area of expertise and is worth every penny we spend on it a month.

As my business gets bigger and expands I’m regularly having to make changes, but using Barrie and FoundUB4 is certainly something I would never change.


[image_with_text image=”538″ title=”Suzanne Peck – Owner”]

If you’re in need of a professional, who takes time and makes the effort to truly understand the wants and needs of your marketing, then Barrie is your choice.

Making sense of the world of marketing is what Barrie is great at – he has saved me both money and time – allowing me as a busy entrepreneur to get on with managing my business, safe in the knowledge that my company is being promoted effectively and efficiently.


[image_with_text image=”544″ title=”Russell Platel – Owner”]

Very good experience. Barrie works hard on our account and is always responsive to any requests or explanations I might need. Happy to recommend.


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